IFISE project deliverables

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The IFISE project deliverables

In the approach used by the IFISE project, the range of activities included in the Social Economy sector can be extremely wide, including all those initiatives which respond to societal challenges faced by most European regions (unemployment, youth engagement, social exclusion, ageing, health, wellbeing, natural resources, agriculture, etc.).
Social enterprises are entrepreneurial organizations that innovate to solve problems and have a positive social and environmental return. In a broader perspective, even enterprises without a core business strictly social can generate a relevant social impact and positively contribute to face such challenges.

In this page you have access to the public results of the IFISE project, such as:

  • An Assessment Of The State Of The Art Of Financial Instruments Addressed To Enterprises/Initiatives Producing Relevant Social Impact

  • A replicable training scheme for capacity building, addressed to Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies, for the implementation of innovative FIs for the social economy

  • A handbook with guidelines for the setting up of social impact focused FIs 

  • An abstract of the feasibility studies for the Financial Instruments designed to be implemented in the IFISE partner regions


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